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MAIL-IN: Terri Runnels


This is a Main-In Pass for Terri Runnels. After you purchase your mail-in pass, we will contact you with further instructions.  We will provide you with the address to send us your item(s).  You will be responsible for shipping costs for shipping your item(s) to us and for returning your item(s) to you.  We will provide a shipping quote after we receive your address and items.  A separate invoice will be sent for you to pay shipping costs. Please purchase additional mail-in passes according to the number of items you will be shipping! If you do not have any items to be mailed in, you can use this pass to purchase an 8×10 to be autographed and mailed to you.  Please let us know in the notes or when we follow up with you via e-mail that you would like an 8×10 instead of a mail-in item.